Thursday, December 13, 2007

Epiphany Before Christmas?

Yes, this year and all the years to come we will celebrate Epiphany before we celebrate Christmas. I hope no explanation is needed!

I now feel Christmas is on its way! Our food (and drink) order has gone in to "Mr Tesco" - how did we manage to spend so much, still it is for 3 people for 6 days!

We put up the tree in the bows today.

We also decorated the saloon and galley.

Our outside lights arrived today so they will go on the roof tomorrow. They are solar powered so have yet to see how effective they are.

John is leading the carol singing at Pewsey Wharf this evening. Here he is just leaving - can you spot what he is wearing for the first time in 6 months!
I am unable to go as I have to steer clear of crowds and germs for a while. I have had some very mild radiotherapy to help me maintain my lung function. Apart from glowing in the dark my white cell count is down making me susceptible to infections so I am in Purdah! The good side to this is no work until the New Year, so an extended holiday for me!

More good news, just had a call - I don't have go out in the cold to pick John up as some friends will drop him home. I can now crack open the bottle of Westons Old Rosie that has been calling me all evening. Epiphany is not a dry ship tonight:-)

The temperature outside is about 1 degree so we may have ice tonight, but unlike some canals in the Midlands it is unlikely that the K & A will ice over.

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