Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sunny Saturday On The K & A Canal

am Br 95 - Great Bedwyn Bridge. 2.13 miles, 1 hour 41 mins, 4 locks, 3.64 lm/m
pm Frith Copse winding hole – Br 95. 2.13 miles, 1 hr 30 mins, 4 locks, 4.09 lm/h

Today we had our friends aboard – a locking crew! It was fine and sunny, but windy and we tootled down 4 locks, accompanied by the railway.

Little Bedwyn lock (67) has attractive beech hedges and an unusual footbridge.

As we came out of Oakhill lock (68) there were 3 lads fishing.
One of them caught his float in the opposite side and was unable to free it before we arrived. We took the line with us, apparently, but were unaware until our “locking crew” walked by them!

I have to say that they were probably not far enough away from the lock anyway, (25 meters away from a movable object, I think is the rule) but we did not want to rub salt into the wound, and they appeared to hold no malice!

We winded at Frith Copse, just below Oakhill Down lock and reversed to moor for lunch.

After mulled wine, pate, cheeses, home made bread (mine), flapjack (mine), Christmas cake and stollen we were replete!

Returning we encountered the same lads above the lock! They pulled their lines in this time! The only other incident in a lovely day was John’s gloves blew off the roof into a lock. Fortunately he noticed and went on his own fishing trip!

We finished the day with a meal at The Cross Keys in Great Bedwyn. It was an excellent meal, despite some of the meals being off menu due to their busy Christmas. It is a friendly pub and has to compete with a rival just up the road – The Three Tuns.

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