Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Shopping?

A very strange Sunday. We have just been out for a drive and all the shops are open. Now forgive my ignorance - are they all normally open on Sunday or is it just because it is Christmas? I would expect food shops to be open to 4pm as per usual but clothes, gifts, cafes etc?

Everyone seem to go into siege mentality at Christmas and Easter too. Thursday we saw trolleys piled high with food. More than enough to last well into next week. But hold on - the supermarkets are open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Christmas Eve. Duh!

As it is said that we throw away good food - too much, I can't remember the percentage. How much will we as a nation throw away after Christmas? I must confess that in the past I have been guilty of "over catering", but thank goodness for large chest freezers. But not on a boat! We have learned to be more frugal.

This Christmas we did our on line shopping, stuck to a menu and list and I still cook a little too much. Not thrown away though - frozen in an empty small freezer for future use.

Anyway that must be my Christmas rant over. Now it is all Good Cheer and looking forward to celebrating Christ's Birth.

We have compiled a selection of photos from 2007. Many of our friends may have already looked at the album. If you would like to share our enjoyment of our first year on nb Epiphany, click here

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