Sunday, December 30, 2007

Winter Hats

Three postings in one day - I am excelling myself. Actually it is called catching up before I get left behind!

I promised a picture of our newly acquired winter hats. So here we are in all our glory!

They are wind proof, shower proof, snugly warm, will not blow off and were an all round good buy! See here for details

I will use this picture (kindly taken by our friend John yesterday) as our winter profile photo, so goodbye to Derek and Dot's (Gipsy Rover) photo - many thanks and hello winter guise!


  1. What you've replaced our photo - shame. Never mind, they look good and if anything like our lovely and warm when cruising. We got a couple similar while down in Devon, won't upset you with the price, will take a photo and send them to you. Take care.
    Dot and Derek

  2. "giggle" - cheaper?! I saw them in Cornwall last year but the chandlery had closed down. Hope you had a good Christmas, Happy New Year!
    Fi & John


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