Thursday, December 06, 2007

London And The Thames

For the last few weeks I have been re reading a book called London by Edward Rutherfurd. It is an epic novel about the history of London right from the earliest Saxon and Roman days up to 1997.

Even as a Londoner, it makes me see things in a different way and realise that although I would not choose to live there now I should be proud to have that heritage!

In May 2005 I became a tourist in my home city and did some of the Sights. Once again I was struck by what I missed growing up there and living there for 20 years. I have been away from London more years that I lived there now! Two things in this photo were not there then, guess which.

Not hard I think.

We visited The House of Lords, The Eye and rode on the River Thames all the way down to Greenwich. I really enjoyed seeing London from this new perspective.

It helps that many of the buildings have been cleaned in recent years. I think a quote from the dust cover from "London" says it well. The book is "An invitation to witness a unique pageant unfold to reveal the heart and soul of one of the greatest cities on earth".

To bring this to a close the River attracts visitors, trade, boaters and many others from Kent to Lechlade. As it did us when we visited Henley, home of The Regatta - another couple of photos from last Sunday to finish.

There were a few narrowboats moored, looking back towards the bridge and town.

Marsh Lock


  1. Hi just flicking through the blogs and came up on yours. Great site, love the pictures. I Live on a boat. My blog is feel free to visit sometime. Thanks. Lisa

  2. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Good to see you are actively getting involved with BW goings on. Do hope things will not fall apart next year like they have in Wales. Have a happy Christmas. Charles n Ann

  3. Great to here from you Chas and Ann. John feels that at least, if he gets involved he can say he tried! He enjoys it and as we have a car at the moment can get to the meetings fairly easily!
    Have a happy Christmas too - hope to see you on the cut sometime!
    John and Fiona

  4. Hi Lisa - you may see that we have added you to our list! We know the area you are in very well and hope to get there again one day. Thanks for you kind comments about our blog

  5. Thanks both, we are The Ice Cream Boat in the summer so you will spotus no trouble!. We are heading to Chester n next few weeks then in May London canals. Take care for now luv. Lisa


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