Sunday, December 02, 2007

A Trip to the Thames

Yesterday John went to Foxton for a SOW (Save Our Waterways) meeting. There is still much to be done, for there is talk of DEFRA funding being further cut, with BW a likely sufferer. Watch this blog! On Tuesday he plans to go to Watford to argue with BW against the proposed licence increases of 9% above inflation, at one of the consultation meetings.

The weather forecast for today wasn't up to much, so a trip out from Harefield didn't seem a possibility last night or this morning. But the need for fresh air won, and we drove down to Henley on Thames. What a pleasant surprise. It was windy, true, but look at the sky after the Sunday roasts. Cold though.Maybe we'll post a few more pictures later in the week.

Last night was windy to say the least. We lost the empty plastic box from Epiphany's roof - and another of the lids blew off. Perhaps we'll dispense with them and store the logs in the open or in the cratch. Time will tell.

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