Monday, June 16, 2008

Bishops Cannings to Pewsey, Recycling Enroute

11.8miles, 2 swing bridges, 5 hours 12 minutes, 2.27 lm/hr

To continue…
After lunch on Sunday we set off towards Pewsey. The weather held until we got to All Cannings where we dropped off the rubbish and plastic and cardboard for recycling. The occupants of one narrowboat gave us a filthy look as we pulled away – not sure why. We did not moor and John just “hung around” but well behind them. We pulled away in our normal manner – slowly, so maybe they just didn’t like the look of us!

Our next stop was Honey Street – The Barge Inn has recycling facilities for glass and cans. So again that was a quick stop but nobody to upset there! We now have just the paper left, which I can do in Marlborough or Devizes sometime! Then the heavens opened and I went below to start the dinner!

The Enforcement Officer has been around – this boat does is not displaying a current license and may also be an “over stayer”.

Here is another photo of the poppy field near Woodborough Fields Bridge 122. Gorgeous!

Our penultimate stop was at Pewsey Wharf for water and the elsan, by now the rain had almost stopped. By the time we set off to Milkhouse winding hole it had stopped, the sun had come out and we had a lovely cruise up there, winded and came and back to our present mooring!

Pork Creole followed by Rhubarb Ginger Crunch completed the day and brought the weekend to a nice conclusion!

Today has been work for me as usual, the sun shone until I got home and now it is pelting down. The forecast for the week looks unsettled but lets hope for a good weekend again!

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  1. Hi Fi

    Don't you just hate it when someone gives you daggers and you don't know what you've done! Of course, you haven't done anything, it's just those types delight in being miserable and censorious of anything and everyone! We were gongoozling at Nantwich yesterday - what a miserable bunch, why do they bother boating if it brings them so little pleasure? Hope to catch up in person soon - I feel another trip to Devizes coming on.


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