Sunday, June 08, 2008

Change Of Direction And On Show!

Yesterday was a busy day for me - work wise. we held a strawberry tea party for our old folks and their volunteer visitors. It all went well but was hard work for a few of us! The trouble with working on a Saturday is it makes a short weekend. The compensation is I can have a day off in the week to add to my holiday entitlement!

It was a lovely evening and the day ended on a high as we had a short cruise! Very short - about quarter of a mile, down to the winding hole and back again! We turned the boat around as John is hoping to paint the black on the starboard side this week. We now face East, instead of West. He may also have a go at the handrails too.

Yet again today is a glorious one with plenty of sunshine - 26 degrees outside, 27 inside despite all the door, portholes and cratch being open! The wharf and towpath are very busy with plenty of gongoozlers. We are watching the tennis from Roland Garros and one passer by, admiring our boat said "they even have a better TV signal than I do at home!" It has now gone up to 27 degrees outside! I think Nadal will win the title as Federer is now "aging" and is not so good on clay. However he is still an amazing player.

Definitely salad weather this evening and I have made a scrumptious lemon tart for "afters" - a recipe that is tried and tested by one of my friends and is always a hit - yum! I think we will both avoid the scales for a few days!

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