Saturday, June 14, 2008

Farewells, Friends and Food

3.07 miles, 1 hour 20 mins, 2.29 lm/hr

This morning Nb Petroc left with it’s crew (Geoff, Gill, Emma,Ellie and Parga, also two friends another Geoff and Gill!). Parga is a chocolate lab as you can see!

We re-moored one space backwards (2nd boat back) and John chased after them to get a photo of them leaving the lock.

Gill was on the helm.

We then waited for our friends to arrive, nattering to our neighbouring boat owners who were livaboards from the Reading area.

With our good directions and with the help of Water Explorer Neil and Nella found us quite easily! If you click on Epiphany you can see exactly where we are!

After a coffee we wandered off to The Crown for lunch. The food was good and it was good to have their company for a couple of hours.

Once they had left us we decided to make the best of a sunny day so reversed to the winding hole, winded and set off towards Horton. John would like to go to church tomorrow morning so we are moored just before Bishops Cannings Swing Bridge (133). From here the church at Bishops Cannings is about a 10 – 15 minute walk away.

There is a lot of vegetation on the towpath side but we managed to find a good spot – must buy a bill hook like the one Geoff has soon! Am now blogging in the bow with the cratch cover up watching life go by on the towpath and through the bridge!

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