Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Jaunt to Claverton

Today was forecast as a sunny day so we made plans to visit Claverton Pumping Station as it was a Pumping Day. We have passed by on the canal a couple of times but always on the wrong day!

It was built by John Rennie in 1813 and worked continuously until 1952, pumping water from the river Avon into the canal. The building, beams and water wheel lay derelict for 15 years and was restored in the late 60s and 70s and finally opened again in 1978.

As we are members of the Kennet and Avon Trust admission is free!

So we jumped in the car, taking a picnic lunch and made our way there via Bathampton. The George was as usual "heaving", we know the food is good there as we have eaten there in the past.

But this time we ate our picnic on a bench by the bridge (183) watching the boats go by!

Once again, as we did on our cruise down here in September, we espied The John Rennie (Bath Narrowboats Restaurant Boat) passing as we arrived! We waved to the helmsman who acknowledged us and as John recognised him we hope he recognised us!

After lunch we wandered under the bridge but resisted a coffee at the Coffee Boat moored there (second boat back) - it looked as if it too was popular!

So back through the bridge, back to the car and on to Claverton - an adventure in it's self as I shall blog about in the next few days. It will take time as John (who was "photographer of the day" took around 100 photos, including some videos and it will take me some time to sort them out before I put a selection up!

So please return to see my own personal Lord Lichfield's pictures!

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