Thursday, June 26, 2008

Final Bits And Pieces From Claverton

The Pump House at Claverton has a roof on it as you will have observed if you have been following my ramblings over the last few days.

I am sure like us you have seen other water wheels that were not roofed over. Apparently the local Lord of the Manor did not want his guests to have to look at the water wheel from his windows so ensured that the roof was built!

The Burbage Crane was dismantled at the end of last year.

The volunteers at Claverton are in the process of restoring it. This is a model of what it will look like when restored - on display at Claverton.

Also they have bits of the restoration on display in the pump house.

Below was a donation from the "Service of the Canal du Nivernais and the ACN" and is a gate opening mechanism from Vincellotes in France - Lock 74. A bit different to our systems!

Other memorabilia at Claverton include old railway and road signs, tools and other bits and pieces related to the canal.

I found it very interesting to read a couple of the accounts of memories of living by and operating the Pumping House written by children of the men in charge. I wish I had written them down but you will have to go and see for yourself. Being in charge was a dangerous work at times and if Elfin Safety was around then the Pump House would have closed!

That completes my "tour" of Claverton Pump House. I do have some videos to put up which I will do once we have a decent signal for uploading.

Tomorrow we are pulling the pins for the weekend so I will have more to blog about I hope!

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