Friday, June 06, 2008

From Mad Towns To Peaceful Canal

What loverly weather! Just right for cruising but, boo hoo, we had to stay put this weekend as we had to visit Swindon, work for me on Saturday and also for John on Sunday morning!

Swindon - Oh how we hate Swindon, I have yet to meet someone who doesn't! We were looking for Enterprise car hire to return the car I have been using whilst John was in Cornwall. Google maps route was hopeless and we had a very roundabout journey.

For those of you who know Swindon there is an unintended pun there! I lost count of how many we went around! Once we arrived we then had to find the Renault garage - again we got lost! However we got there on time and now have a new car key! These clever key cards are all very well until they give up the ghost.

So as a bit of light relief we decided to look for our friends on Nb Petroc. Guessing they might be at Great Bedwyn we drove there - no sign. There is a fabulous cottage just by the bridge over the canal, actually it must be more than one joined together.

A a passing boat told us he had seen Petroc at Hungerford this morning - so we set off a few miles down the road. Lo and behold look what we found opposite Hungerford Wharf,

on one of our favorite moorings!

Daft thing is if we had checked Gill's blog we would have known! No sign of life - again we would have known why if we had looked. We went for a wander anyway and had an ice cream sitting on the bench "watching over" Petroc.

Just as we were about to leave I saw Geoff coming over the bridge. Of course he didn't see us as he didn't expect us, but once we made ourselves known we received a wonderful welcome from him and Ellie. Ellie was so excited to have Geoff home, dentures intact! She also gave us a wonderful doggy welcome! Thanks for the tea and natter, Geoff, sorry to have missed Gill. To go to Bath they have to pass us soon!

John working on Sunday?! Yes he is "Vicaring" as a friend calls it! He is taking his first Sunday service since he retired - the local Vicar is on holiday. It will be like "getting back on a bike" I am sure.

This evening with all the windows, hatch and doors open it is very peaceful and we are enjoying the resident blackbird who sings his best song in the evening. A drink in The Waterfront Bar will complete a good day if I can drag John away from the cricket!

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