Thursday, June 19, 2008

Friends "Oop North" on The Rochdale

We have some friends who are on their summer cruise. At the moment they are making their way North having cruised the T & M, Shropie and Llangollen, experiencing the Anderton Lift and the River Weaver on their way.

How we envy them as we are looking forward to cruising areas they we have never been. We have done chunks of the T & M, a large part of the Shroppie including LLangollen (twice) and really enjoyed our cruise on the L & L, it is beautiful countryside for most of it's length.

Strangely - to some, but not to us, we are looking forward to the Midlands and the Northern canals with great anticipation. Until them we enjoy them vicariously through bloggers and friends.

However as this extract from them shows it can be quite a challenge!

"We're on the Rochdale Canal .......... in the middle of the Pennines. Next we're due to make our way to Hebden Bridge, then Sowerby Bridge over the next few days. But with an average of three (very difficult and hard to work locks) per mile, and with rain forecast; we might just sit tight for a few days before setting off.

The scenery is fantastic around here, and for all its challenges, this canal is well worth doing. The Yorkshire end is better than the Manchester end for obvious reasons, but the passage through Manchester and its outlying bandit country is a necessary evil that is made up for as soon as the canal starts to heave its way high up into the Pennines.

We've had some real problems with water shortages and with faulty infrastructure, but with ingenuity and experience (not to mention the standard boaters' toolkit of a mooring pin and a big hammer) we've managed to cope with most of the tests this canal has thrown at us."

For more information on the Rochdale canal click here. You will also find there are links to other Northern canals.

It is good to know that BW help out but we are reassured that all things are possible with a little patience, experience and brain power!

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