Monday, March 07, 2011

Birthday Boy?

No - our internet connection has not been down. No - we have not thrown our computers in the canal in frustration. Yes - we have had a busy few days!

So who is the "Birthday Boy?"

A special birthday deserved a special weekend - a visit from our son Craig, an Ahab concert on Friday and then a party on Saturday at The Bell at Great Bourton! I was not the photographer on Saturday - John's brother, Pete, and our nephew, Phil, both had their cameras so we await photographic records! It was a brilliant party (though I say it myself, the organiser!). Family and friends made a great mix and celebration.

The truth is - today is actually John's 60th birthday, so he had to wait for his presents and cards until today! I suppose he should be spoilt for one more day at least! So .... a meal out this evening will bring this all to a close!

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