Monday, March 14, 2011

In Never Never Land

Never Never Land is in and around Lower Heyford on the South Oxford Canal. The internet never never connects with a reasonable connection! There is no 3 data signal and a very weak Orange signal. It is enough for me to write but not post photos!

We have an Orange phone signal and a brilliant satellite TV signal - well, you can't have everything! So apart from letting you all know we have moved and are in a nice mooring just beyond Lower Heyford you will have to wait for the details of out wonderful cruise today.

Only a few narrowboats, a BW hopper full of gravel, negotiating the Oxfordshire Narrowboats takeover of the canal at Lower Heyford impeded progress. A cuppa with friends on narrowboat Take Five, a much needed encounter with Dusty for diesel, coal and gas, and a quick chat to another couple of boating friends (Dave and 8ch) completed the day.


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