Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sandford Lock on the Thames under repair

We chatted to the Lock Keeper at Sandford Lock today as we wandered over to The Kings Arms for Sunday lunch.

The Kings Arms, over from Sandford Lock
He explained that he had "handed over" to the engineers and it was in their hands as to when the lock opens. It is scheduled for opening on Saturday 26th March.

Floating pontoons above Sandford Lock

The floating pontoons above the lock were were for equipment, materials etc to be delivered to the lock. We assume the crane opposite our mooring was in use for this too.

The "jacks" are to prevent the walls of the lock being compromised because the water is not in the lock. The bottom gates are now in place, but the dam has to be removed, the jacks too, before it opens!

Sandford Lock from downstream
From about 1294, the original flash lock at Sandford was in the Western Stream, now a backwater. Its position can still be seen alongside the present lock and also where the upper gates were. There was also a mill by the lock.

Sandford was probably the first to have a modern pound lock, in 1936, to overcome the real difficulties of these flash locks. The present lock was built in 1972-3 in the same location. There are some very interesting photos and more information on this website - clickety click

Upstream from Sandford Lock

After a good roast lunch we returned home to Epiphany and a quiet afternoon, with the occasional gongoozler with camera in hand! We could have earned a fair bit here if we had charged for taking a photo!

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  1. There was an interesting local news article earlier this year about using hydro-electric power generated from the water drop to provide electricity for the village...

    (sory i don't know how to post links in this format :S)

    I do hope they do get it going! :)


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