Thursday, March 17, 2011

New adventures for narrowboat Epiphany

We set off without a plan! We knew where we needed to be, but not how we were going to get there. We had a choice of more canal and river in a few days time or "goodbye" South Oxford canal and "hello" new territory and the River Thames. No contest really!

So a straightforward cruise to Dukes Lock and then a right turn into Dukes Cut and through Dukes Cut Lock.

In Dukes Cut Lock - note paddle gear
Unusual ground paddle gear at Dukes Cut Lock(note the hook attached to our windlass)

The first part of Dukes Cut is what is says it is - a cut.

Narrowboats moored on Dukes Cut

A right turn at the end took us onto a Thames backwater and through meadows with a couple of twists and turns.

Sign post and EA forewarning of need of correct licence
Thames backwater through meadows

Avoiding the well marked weir, another right turn and past some laid up "dumb barges" and we were on Father Thames.

Weir and right turn corner
Barges moored - river towards Lechlade on right of photo

The river flows south west to Lechlade (our destination soon) but turning sharply south east today we were immediately at Kings Lock - our first river lock since leaving the Trent in early September last year. We really felt as if we had started our new adventure for this year.

On the Thames at Kings Lock landing

Because of this "feeling," I shall leave you here with us waiting above Kings Lock and begin afresh later!

The news of our narrowboat Epiphany website is good - John has not much more to do before it will be up and we will be back to normal, blogging, updating the medical and book swap pages as we travel.

South Oxford Canal, Thrupp, to Kings Lock, River Thames
2 hours, 46 minutes, 4.05 miles, 4 locks

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