Saturday, March 19, 2011

There is nothing so nice .....

Words fail me - how can I describe today? Wonderful, stupendous, amazing, joyous, relaxing, I think you get the message! Here is a brief summary!

Leaving Osney Lock with Oxfordshire Narrowboats' Aynho for company

The sky was blue, the river calm and quiet - except for a few canoeists and rowers

Oxford College boat houses and canoes, downstream from Christchurch Meadow

Iffley Lock is well looked after - another place we must stop on the way back upstream so I can take some more photos of its features.

Iffley Lock House and daffodil display

The Oxford Thames Four Pillars Hotel at Sandford is created from a number of medieval buildings, the oldest being a medieval College House. It can be linked back to the Knights Templar.

A Four Pillars Hotel - 4 star luxury by the Thames

Some of the Thames properties are really enviable - this one with its own end of garden mooring would do - but not the boat!

We had spotted a number of nice mooring spots as we came downstream and thought we might return to one or more another time! Sandford Lock is closed for new bottom gates so when we arrived we turned and "rough moored" against the meadow there. The Kings Arms pub is in walking distance for Sunday Lunch and it was doing a good trade today!

Looking upstream, our mooring above Sandford Lock
We also attracted a lot of gongoozlers - two Japanese (tourists?) were rather intrusive with their camera - our fault for having the swan doors wide open and Toshiba laptops on display!

There is much more blog material from today - so more to come!

River Thames, Osney to Sandford Lock
1 hour 39 minutes, 3.94 miles, 2 locks


  1. How long will you have to wait for Sandford?

  2. @Steve. Sandford opens at the end of next week. But we have turned around to go upstream again towards Oxford and then onwards to Lechlade soon. Fi


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