Friday, March 11, 2011

Repeats are boring

Sadly we seem to be repeating a lot at the moment - but I promise you that things will get more interesting soon. Meanwhile stick with me!

Crowning glory?

This stern pattern is a little different - nb William the Conqueror is in the paint dock at Sovereign Wharf, Banbury. Sovereign Wharf itself seems to be always closed at the moment - maybe 80p/litre for diesel is a give away as to when it was last open!

Sovereign Wharf

Oh look, we are back at Grimsbury Arm and Wharf! This morning it was to wind and return back below Banbury Lock - what a surprise!

Grimsbury Arm

I have never really seen the adornments on the corner of the Arm - the gnome/dragon at the foot of the sign is a nice touch!

Getting through Banbury Town moorings is an art when a) a once-upon-a-time Canal Time narrowboat pulls out right in front of you and b) Tooleys Boatyard has narrowboats two abreast and not well tied! The ex CT boat managed to bump them - but John mnaged to avoid them.

Tooleys with two narrowboats in dock and four on wharf

It is a good job "Guy" and nb Reckless were not around as it would have really been bumper boats. I wonder what antics he would have got up to at the lift bridge?

Now - were you wondering when and how I would work "Guy" into a blog? Most other bloggers have! "The Boat that Guy Built" is average entertainment/education but not a good advert for narrowboating, methinks! Do they shoot these programmes through a filter? I often wonder that about nature/countryside programmes! The programme is all over the net - comments, blogs, tweets etc. I like Granny B's blog on it and there is a link to the 2nd episode if you missed it.

So we are back where we were, by Banbury Tramway moorings - a couple of dates to keep whilst here and then ......

Castle Quay footbridge to Samuelson Bridge
1 hour 14 minutes, 1.66 miles, 1 lock

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