Monday, March 07, 2011


Much as I like Banbury Town, I raised a cheer this afternoon as we untied to move - OK it was just a few hundred yards - but far enough to be in the "suburbs"!

Leaving the boaters services and Banbury Lock - Mill Arts Centre on right
On the way we passed empty moorings -

48H moorings below Bridge Street

More empty moorings

14D moorings below the station

Yet more empty moorings

The end of the 14D moorings for a short bit

Oh look - more empty moorings!

14D factory moorings
None of these were for us - too near town, too noisy and not the most attractive in the area! So we went a little further - and the town centre is still in walking distance and more importantly a big supermarket!

Banbury Town Centre to below Samuelson Bridge
1 hour 4 mins (including a stop at the sani-station), 0.68 miles, 1 lock

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