Sunday, October 07, 2007

Final Day

We had a quiet night, once we returned from the pub! Saturday was a busy day, very busy doing nada, just relaxing! A good book, sun on the water, listening to the England v Australia rugby match - we beat them comprehensibly – yeah! I also put together a video from our visit to Bath. This rather interesting boat passed us in the afternoon.

Yes, it is a steam boat!

We had a really good evening at the Waterfront on Saturday too. Everyone was rooting for France to beat the All Blacks – cheers went up when they did! So the Southern Hemisphere can be beaten. I think it must be one of the only times I wanted France to win anything. However, we now have to face them in the semis – but maybe we have a better chance beating them than the All Blacks?

Beer during rugby matches at The Waterfront is reduced in price and the atmosphere is great – a real incentive to patronise Graham’s establishment. As if we need incentive!

We woke this morning to these views from our swan doors.

It was a beautiful morning.

Later we retraced our steps along the towpath to watch the Grand Prix and cheer on Lewis with a drink in our hand and a yummy bacon and Brie roll. Sadly (blame Maclaren) he didn’t get to the end. They really should have called him in a lap previously as we all could see the tyre going. So we go through the agony again in two weeks time!

We were sad to leave Pewsey, we always enjoy our time there, but we had come to the end of our holiday. So off we set “up” to the winding hole and then back “down” to Devizes. Of course there is no up or down on the Long Pound! But it feels like it.

By the time we got to the newly painted, but still lacking brickwork, (Come on British Waterways) Allington Swing Bridge we were in a convoy!
One hire boat ahead, and a private boat behind us. The hire boat was slow, and this had a knock on effect. A boat coming the other way opened the bridge and then the hire boat let him through. The boat behind us closed it!

Then by the time we got to Bishops Cannings Swing Bridge we had caught up with 2 other boats. The front boat was extremely slow so we were almost at a standstill. It was never like this in the summer! A Sally boat had just come through and let us all through choosing to shut the bridge in preference to fighting the queue!

Finally the slow boat moored at Horton Bridge just after we passed Dan and Rachel on Nb Handsel. (Dan works for Bath Narrowboats – yes another one!). The boat behind the slow boat took protracted leave of them – obviously friends, and we continued in convoy. The hire boat finally passed the now first boat with a show of throttle and uncontrolled steering! So now we were three!

We were all making for Devizes and the Marina and arrived in the rapidly darkening twilight! Safely moored we finally sat down for roast lamb and vegs. It is really strange to be back here after over 3 weeks “out”.

So back to our “normal” routine tomorrow – work for me, and boat “chores” for John. Roll on Thursday evening when my weekend starts!

PS. You may be amused by this, – it is not a clue to our political persuasion but how we feel politics should be presented!


  1. Thank you so very much for blogging your adventures!

    Last Easter my wife and I spent a week wandering about in the British countryside. We stopped at one point to view the Llangllen Canal -- where it crosses the Dee on the famous aquaduct -- and I absolutely fell in love with the narrowboats we saw idling there.

    Although it is extreamely unlikely ever to happen, I find myself thinking endlessly about buying a narrowboat and spending my retirement money drifting from village to village...!


  2. Hi Auld Maclaren (Is there Scottish blood there?)Thanks for you comment, glad to hear you enjoyed reading about our travels. - We have been over the Pontcysyllte aqueduct it is spectacular! Nothing wrong with dreaming - we did and look where it got us!
    All the best, Fiona


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