Saturday, October 27, 2007

Show Offs

Like most boat owners we enjoy "showing our boat off"! Regardless of its age, size or sometimes even condition. Maybe it is something to do with the feeling of "this is my space, I love it and hope you share the love of boats for boats sake".

Living on the boat, particularly one you designed or remodelled to suit you definitely gives a feeling of satisfaction and dare I say it pride! Everyone has their own ideas, ideals and "pet subjects". We certainly enjoyed looking at other boats, adopting good ideas and adapting others! We still do.

Our first love is a narrowboat. We have friends who prefer broad beam, cruisers, and even "seagoing craft". The latter being across the Pond (an honorary mention here for Tim and Carol just in the process of retiring in the States, companions on hire boats many years ago). Theirs is a very different kind of boat.

Where am I going with all this you say? Well this morning we had a call from Jon from Bath Narrowboats. Would we let some prospective customers visit us? Yes of course, delighted. We know that talking to owners is very important in the quest for a boat builder/fitter.

We spent a pleasant hour or so talking about our experiences and our satisfaction with our boat - our dream, that Bath Narrowboats and Colecraft created for us. They both live up to their advertising slogans "Be Confident, Buy Colecraft" and "Your inspiration + Our craftsmen = Complete satisfaction" (Bath Narrowboats).

I have so many pictures of boats in my lap top one of my tasks soon is to label them so I can sort them into categories. Easy on Picasa by giving each photo a keyword. Which is, I think, where I started thinking about this post! So I had better get on with the job, before we go out to the Devizes Boat Club AGM.

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