Monday, October 01, 2007

Il Pleut, Encore

Epiphany is moored below Bradford on Avon Lock
3.78 miles, 1hour and 35 minutes, 2.38 l/mph

It was a wet night. It was a very wet morning! It was a wet afternoon. The boat was well insulated in wet willow leaves!

After lunch we decided to move, which we did into the basin where wonder of wonders there are recycling facilities on the wharf with the boaters rubbish compound. We dumped everything but card so now the bow cockpit boxes are empty again.

No photographs today; not even of Dundas aqueduct.

Thank goodness for effective wet weather clothing from head to toe. (Either that or "do a Maffi", but its a bit chilly now!) As we went I cleared some of the willow leaves from the roof so the rain could drain through the drain holes in the rails. The lines of Epiphany – high bows and a trad stern mean that water runs to the gap left in the rails about three quarters back towards the stern. But if there are leaves these collect against the rails and block the flow.

There were a few boaters braving the weather, hire boats with a schedule we presume and one or two “privateers”. Is there another name for us boat owners – that makes us sound a bit like pirates!

That reminds me. Here are a couple of anecdotes from our couple of days in Bristol. As we passed the SS Great Britain there was a party of Primary School children being given a tour – all very smart in their blue blazers. One little lad was heard to remark as he pointed to Epiphany, “Oh look, a mini boat”. I suppose we are in comparison to that other remarkable boat the SS Great Britain!

As we passed The Matthew a lady called out as she spotted our Ensign flying, “Welsh or Cornish?” We replied “Cornish”.
“Have you come all the way from there?” (By boat, I think she implied). “No, from Devizes” replied John politely and muttered quietly “definitely not by boat!”

So we made for Bradford on Avon and arrived below the lock to moor for the night exactly where we moored on our first journey the evening after Epiphany was launched. Not quite the anniversary as that is October 31st, but at least the right month! Are we tempted by the Lock Inn cafĂ©? Maybe……

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