Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Sick Equipment. Now "Hospitalised"!

We have a sick lap top which has gone to the computer hospital. The one that runs the web cam is now in regular use by John! - That means very very regular use as canal forum members and other friends will know! Once a system analyst and programmer, always......

So if any of you have been clicking on the button, it is not that we are "out", just waiting for a cure! I am pretty sure we will not have to go into mourning as it is still under guarantee.

I fought for many years to not use a computer! Eventually I decided that if I couldn't beat them it was best to join them! Them being John and our son Craig who had had a keyboard in front of him since he was 3! A BBC B which John "purloined" from work for home use. Craig is now 26 and they were both early users of the internet too. On right - a fairly typical sight!

So I gave in and took CLAIT in 2000. In truth, partly to help in return to full time work, but also so I knew a bit for my own satisfaction! In fact I am the only one with a computer qualification!

However this does not prevent me calling for help when the laptop misbehaves - I am sure it has a mischievous personality. Now I use a PC at work and laptop for blogging, photography, surfing and email - mainly!

I do still use pen and paper too - so I'm not a complete tecci convert. A couple of hours in front of a small screen is more than enough for me. So back to reading and favourite TV programmes for me now!

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