Friday, October 05, 2007

Pub To Pub By Boat

Epiphany is moored at Pewsey
8.97 miles, 3hours 40 minutes, 2 swing bridges, 2.45 l/mph

What a wonderful sunny day, at the risk of repeating myself – it was glorious. Two days in a row! We set off from Horton Bridge towards Pewsey. The trees are beginning to change from green to bronze. The leaves flutter down and settle on the roof, only to be blown off again as we turned into the wind. Willow, oak, acorns and beechnuts are all descending!

Some of the vegetation on the banks is dying but not the reeds and grasses and there are even more narrow stretches I think, where the reeds have grown into the canal. Great hiding places for ducks, moorhens and coots. We saw a largish fish very near the surface, not often you see that as they usually go down at the approach of a boat.

John was singing as he steered – a sure sign of a happy man! It will be the guitar next – stored under the bed together with the keyboard. Anyone for a jam session?!

We moored for lunch – hot dogs with onions and lashings of ketchup – just before Allington bridge (130). It was beautiful sitting in the bows, watching the reflections and listening to the helicoptersJ They seemed to using us as a marker for circling! We are definitely NOT wanted by the police or the Army, as far as I know! We certainly didn’t want them.

There were very few boats on the move – one or two private boats, and one hire boat. However there are the usual moored boats, in all the usual places, but definitely not so many as near Bath! We passed Nb Arcona safely moored at her mooring at Lady’s Bridge.

The sun was filtering through the trees and there were some lovely reflections as we reached the Pewsey Boat Club moorings – Picture of The Day.

We moored on the 48-hour moorings at Pewsey – just past the Wharf and Moorings. This seems to be our usual spot! Once I have finished this we will go to the Waterfront pub for an evening drink and chat with the locals – mostly boaters.

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