Monday, October 22, 2007

We Do Get Around!

We had 3 days away last week. As usual whilst away we were drawn to the nearest canals!

The first being the Grand Union. This monkey was hanging around between Springwell lock and Stokers lock.

The tow path was closed before Stockers lock.

This was behind the boarding.

The second was the South Oxford. Banbury first

and then Fenny Compton.

Cowroast marina entrance is in the distance

The third and final canal was the Basingstoke canal. Part of our history and a bit of a pilgrimage!

We lived at Crookham Village for the first 6 months of our marriage as some friends lent us this house, (now rechristened!) just down from Crookham Wharf.

In those days the canal was not restored but being canal nuts then, we walked the towpath a few times! It was great to see it in use and two boats passed us.

We had already had two holidays on hire boats with friends before we were married and our obsession would continue to this present day, 34 years later!

How things have changed for the Basingstoke, thank goodness, although due to water problems the canal has a limited opening time. So we now add this canal to our list of must dos one day on Epiphany.

It was interesting to see that the tank traps had been moved aside during restoration.

This canal was part of the defence line from Margate to Bristol. The traps, pill boxes and other defences were built on 1940 by Pioneer Corp troops. This was a sensitive area as it was near the Aldershot garrison and Odiham airfield. Fortunately these relics are regarded as an important part of the canal history so have been preserved.

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