Thursday, October 04, 2007

Good Cruise, Good Company

Epiphany is moored at Horton Bridge 134
4.18 miles, 5 hours, 22 locks, 5.24 l/mph

It was an early morning, as we started up Caen Hill Flight at 8am.
It promised to be an absolutely glorious sunny day and so it was.

I wonder if the finished bottom lock looked like this once upon a time!

We locked up with Davis and Jean from Nb Arcona.

Arcona is a replica Josher built by Warwickshire Fly Boat Company at Stockton Locks. She was built about 5 years ago, has a Gardiner engine and is lovely.

We remember walking up to WFB Co when we were visiting Colecraft as they built Epiphany’s shell. We admired the boats they had on their wharf. I gather they are now concentrating on restoration rather than building replicas. Their wharf is above the lock above the Three Boats and the Blue Lias pubs in Long Itchington.

As the locks were all set for us we made good time, but did not hurry. We met a wide boat, and three other boats coming down but by then we were nearly at the top. At the next to top lock we had company.

It was very impressive to see the children so well behaved as they stood and watched us go through the lock and then came in crocodile to watch us at the top lock. Rather a contrast to some children at locks when I get quite scared by their behaviour and disregard for the dangers, despite their parents being “in control”.

We carried on up the Devizes locks together and arrived at Devizes Wharf to moor. We then went shopping, to the Market and Sainsburys. We left the Wharf about 4pm, as we wanted to cruise up to the Bridge Inn at Horton for the night. As we drew away we saw the crew from the Foxhangers boat that was with us yesterday. However just as my imagination started about their trip up the locks, they informed us they had walked up!

So we arrived at the Bridge Inn about 5pm.

Tired, satisfied and thankful for a really good day, good company up the locks, good weather and also 32 years of marriage! – Yes, today was our Wedding Anniversary! Some difference from then – we spent the first night of our honeymoon in Stratford on Avon, with a view of the river if you stood on a chair! By then we had already had 2 canal holidays – and so we have come a really long way together!

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