Saturday, October 13, 2007


With half an eye on the Rugby (England v France, of course) I thought I would just do another quick blog! I am not sure I can stand the torture of concentrating on the Rugby exclusively - high hopes but realistic thoughts.

I finally replanted our planters (!) this afternoon. When the plants have established themselves I will take some photos. It always seems a shame to get rid of the spring and summer plants. Winter is coming I suppose some day.

I hope we have some decent weather next week I am having a "busman's holiday" or rather "busman's work day". On Wednesday my work colleague and I are taking some of our clients and volunteers on a canal trip! No, not on Epiphany, (there will be 12 of us) on one of the Bruce Trust's boats from Great Bedwyn. It is a long time since I steered a "fat boat" so I hope to have a go on the tiller. Maybe I will upload some photos as I am supposed to be Photographer of the Day.

Writing about photos - I have finished a rather large album of our holiday cruise and it is on Picasa Web here. As we were "out" for over 3 weeks I suppose it is not surprising we took so many photos. I hope you enjoy them!

Nearly half time in the Rugby, so maybe it is time for me to sit back, finish my glass of wine and watch the game!

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