Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Good Time For All?

It has taken me two days to get over Saturday and Sunday. Our Sportsmen did their darnedest to win. The Rugby team played well, shame about the ref!

We spent the evening joining in the revelries at the Waterfront Bar at Pewsey Wharf. Flags, rugby shirts and St George's Crosses on faces!
Mobile phone photos of Graham, the Landlord (left) and another rugby fan!

There was a fair bit of swearing at the Ref, cheering the lads and lots of booze. The Landlord reduced the price of beer during all matches and on this occasion there was roll and a bowl. In the bowl was goulash so we didn't go hungry.

Believe it or not there were a couple of South Africans, also some French and one Australian. Brave people! However we clapped the winners and commiserated with those we trounced on the way to the semis!Despite losing it was a really good evening and we wandered, no we did not stagger, back to our boats!

So back to Devizes on Sunday - this sign in Banbury (at the fair in the town centre) reminded us of our destination after our travels.

A few more photos from our weekend travels follow!

When we were walking the Grand Union last Thursday we spotted this heron.

It was just below Springwell Lock and flew back there to watch a boat locking down!

We also passed this bit of towpath "furniture" - no miles though so what distance, from where? Can anyone enlighten us?

These Koi were in the mouth of Cowroast Marina on the South Oxford.

They are apparently very tame and do not go out into the canal preferring the 25 foot deep marina!

On the Basingstoke Canal we saw this view from Poulters Bridge.

I couldn't resist this reflection further along the canal.

So we were back in Devizes to watch the GP. What is the McLaren Team playing at? First they muck up the race in China which would have given Lewis the championship. Then they give him a car with problems. OK, he made a few mistakes too. Now an appeal that probably will fail. Lewis has his own opinion. Never mind, his chance will come as he is a brilliant driver.


  1. Hi guys,
    that's a 'dis' post - marks a fixed distance to/from the next/last lock - in the case where the lock is before you it possibly marked a 'no overtaking' restriction. Others will know more than I!

  2. Thanks for the info, Martin, and thanks for reading our blog! Hope you enjoy it!
    We wondered if it was a fixed distance marker. Maybe other will add their comments too!
    J & F


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