Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sydney To Dundas

Epiphany is moored at Bridge 177, just before Dundas Wharf
4.31 miles, 2 hours, 2.14 l/mph

We left Sydney Wharf at about 11am. It was not without a slight sadness as we had really enjoyed our time there, both on the way down and then the last 2 days. It may be a while before we are back, by boat anyway.

We didn’t go far! We moored below the Sydney Gardens footbridge and walked through the gardens, along Bathwick Road and onto London Road to Morrisons. We needed to shop! It is about a 10-minute walk from there. Returning laden we had lunch and then set off “proper”.

We “ticked over” through all the moored boats until Bathampton. We met the John Rennie, on a lunch cruise, at The George Pub and gave way again as it came through the bridge!

We waved goodbye to Danny, skipper of the day and continued on to Dundas. We moored just before bridge 177 or some say 8, Dundas Bridge that leads into the Basin and Wharf before the aqueduct.

So time for a wander, over the bridge, past the Wharf and crane and over the lift bridge that is the entrance to the Somerset Coal Canal or as named here the Somersetshire Coal Canal.

We wandered along the canal, past the private moorings and on to the basin – Brass Knocker Basin, just big enough to wind a 57 footer?

We had some good views of the Dundas aqueduct looking back.

How about this for a potted history of the Kennet and Avon Canal?
Have you seen it – if not, if you come this way see if you can find it! - You might need to click on the image in your browser to read it.

We wanted to take some pictures from the other side but at that moment the batteries ran out! So if the weather is decent, maybe tomorrow.

Back on board Yours Truly cooked a slap up meal and now I am absolutely bushed! As my Father used to say, “I'm fatinside”! (Ask Mrs Malaprop for an interpretation.)

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