Saturday, September 22, 2007

Nb Epiphany Completes The Circle

Epiphany is moored in Bradford on Avon, above the lock.
1.78 miles, 0 locks, 1 hour 10 mins: 1.52 l/mph.

Rather slow progress today as there a lots of moored boats. The title of this blog refers to us passing the marina where Epiphany was launched.

The marina entrance - the launch wharf is to the left.

Little did we know then that the next time we did the journey from there to Bath we would have "realised our dream" and be living on her.

We wanted to explore Bradford on Avon town and managed to moor at the end of the 24 hour moorings, just. Our bow is on the mooring but our stern is a fair way out as it is very shallow - both ends have springs. These are doing their job as there are so many hire boats who fail to slow down past the moored boats.

Below the lock is the famous Lock Inn cafe, well know for its boater's breakfast - very tempting. The floral displays are absolutely beautiful and are all along the outside eating area.

How about this for travelling in style!

There is a lot to see in Bradford on Avon. The Kennet and Avon canal and River Avon are both attractions as well as the history of the town. As a result there are a lot of gongoozlers and visitors in the town.

We walked over the railway bridge and spotted these benches, the nearest one is one GWR and the other BR(W)

It has some very old historic buildings. One of which is the Saxon church of St Lawrence. Reputed to have been built in the 7th Century by St Aldhelm, the first Bishop of Malmsbury and member of the royal house of Wessex. This deserves a blog of its own because of the history but this will have to do!!

We took so many pictures of the lovely buildings but too many for the blog. I will be putting up an album of our cruise on Picasa web and will let you have the link as soon as it is up! Other pictures we have include two of the other churches, and the town bridge over the Avon.

Someone has a sense of humour!

This is the Barbara McLellan, a K & A Trust trip boat, exiting the lock.

So tomorrow this is our last lock before Bath and then on to Sydney Gardens to see our Bath Narrowboat friends.

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