Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bradford To Bath In Pictures

Epiphany is moored at Sydney Wharf, Bath.
13 miles, 1 lock, 4 hours:2.28 l/mph.

We set off down Bradford on Avon lock - there were 2 boats in front of us so we had to wait. We shared the lock with an Anglo Welsh hire boat. There was a crew of 4 but it was definitely a boat where the boys did the work - eventually!

We didn't get to see the Tithe Barn yesterday so a photo from the canal would have to suffice!

Although there are lots of moored boats, among them are some interesting ones.
I am not sure I would like this creeping up my cabin though.

This stretch of the Kennet and Avon canal has a character of its own, views over the Avon valley, interesting bridges, aqueducts, lots of moored boats, including many "crusties", and then finally the approach to Bath and the trip through Sydney Gardens.

Crossing Avoncliff aqueduct Autumn is beginning to show it's face.

We approached Dundas aqueduct, spotting, in the distance, the Viaduct Inn on Brassknockers Hill.

Crossing Dundas aqueduct we could see that Dundas basin was busy.

An interesting sign warns of shallow edges to the canal
- at times it was certainly shallow, but boats managed to moor none the less!

At a very narrow point and also at a bridge who should we encounter but The John Rennie, Bath Narrowboats restaurant boat, available for charter. We were recognised as when they returned to Sydney Wharf we had a chat with the crew!

Nice to see her earning her keep on the cut Jon!

There are two swing bridges on this stretch - I had to open this one!

The George at Bathampton is to be recommended and gets very busy. It has moorings alongside and these are very popular!

It gradually came in to rain so by the time we moored at Sydney Wharf it was raining steadily. So plans for tomorrow - a visit into Bath, then possibly down the locks and onto the River Avon. There is nothing like being a cosy narrowboat with rain drumming on the roof, particularly if it has all the comforts of home!

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