Monday, September 24, 2007

Blogging In Bath

Epiphany is still moored at Sydney Wharf in Bath.

We spent the night here

This morning we moved to here!

The hire fleet was expected back so here we would be out of the way. However it blew a hoolie in the night and a tree came down at Candys bridge and no boats could pass. There was a canal block as they were unable to moor and waited abreast! BW was called to clear it. The hirers were rather stranded with cars here and at Bathampton. So no boats arrived!

As the forecast is not too great we have decided to spend 2 days in Bath and then go down the Widcombe Flight on Wednesday and onto the River Avon.

It is not far into Bath from Sydney Wharf so we walked into the city. John was photographer of the day so he is responsible for this flavour of Bath. Once again we have loads of more photos to add to an web album of our trip when we get back to broadband land!

So here is a selection of the "iconic" sights

Pulteney Bridge and weir, Garfunkel's on the left

Bath Abbey, Roman Baths and Pump Room

A typical side street with cafes and little shops. A little reminiscent of Salzburg?

The entrance to the K & A

This one is for family and close friends - fancy coming all this way to go back home!

When we got back to Sydney Wharf some of the hire fleet boats were safely gathered in! Some had gone back to Dundas.

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