Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Cruising We Will Go

"Weeell, it makes me want to shout, hold my hands up....." - name that tune!

The reason being, I am on holiday! Can someone tell me why the day one finishes for leave it is always the day when things go pear shaped? In my case a day of finishing odds and ends turned into a mad dash around the countryside visiting clients.

Tonight coming back to the boat I got chatting to a neighbour, realising we had met before when John stepped in at the last minute to do the carol service at Pewsey. Robert and Mary used to moor there but have bought a second boat to run a boating coffee shop. We wondered where they had gone. They plan to be up at Devizes Wharf by the end of October, trading there too.

They had recognised Epiphany and were getting concerned as they hadn't seen either of us this week - kind of them but John has been down below a lot finishing off paperwork and inside jobs and I have been leaving early and getting back at evening meal time.

We had a good chat about mooring problems, BW rules and regulations and tenders (enough said!). Apparently BW has sent out 160 letters to boats on the K & A between here and Bath to "continuous cruisers" who have been seen too often! They were not best pleased with the tone of the letter and felt it was rather rude and threatening.

Not having seen the letter we can't comment, but do know that there are quite a number of long stayers on this bit of the canal. Well, we won't be one as we move off tomorrow down towards Seend and maybe beyond. Bath and Bristol - here we come!

So for the next two weeks we will try and blog regularly for those of you who follow our cruises.

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