Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Planning A Cruise, Holiday Coming Soon!

We are planning our 2 week holiday cruise. It looks as if we will be going down Caen Hill and on to Bath and Bristol (hopefully).

It will be the first time we have ever been down the flight! We have been up it twice as we have already mentioned on previous blogs! If you are a new reader, we have been up it on a hire boat from Dundas to the Thames and back to Newbury in 1999 and up from Bath to Devizes on Epiphany's maiden voyage.

Bath is holding a Jane Austen event whilst we are there so apart from getting reacquainted with the city I hope we will attend some of this.

There is still much in Bristol we would like to see. We are looking forward to exploring the route there on the river and the floating harbour on our own boat. We have all the information about mooring, charges etc so have some homework to do before we get there!

So I suppose this is just an ad for our blog! If you want to follow our cruise I will try and keep you updated, informed and hopefully amused over the coming few weeks. If anyone has any hints or tips for us about the trip from Bath to Bristol or experiences in the floating harbour they would like to share please add your comments!

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