Friday, September 21, 2007

Three Places Beginning with "S" And A Restoration

Moored just before Ladydown bridge (169), having passed Hilperton, Trowbridge.
6.14 miles, 7 locks, 5 hours 10 minutes: 2.54 l/mph.

A cloudy morning as we set off from Sells Green, passing Robert and Mary's coffee boat, Actis and their home, Poshrats. See previous blog

This rather tame heron posed for a photograph or two at Rusty Lane swing bridge!

We went down the first 3 locks of Seend flight and moored opposite the Barge Inn for water, the elsan and lunch!
We shared the next locks with a Alvechurch boat, and they were a great help as one of the crew (5 and all males, escaping from wives/girlfriends?) walked on to the next lock and all the following 3 swing bridges.

Just before Semmington top lock there is a one way system over the A 350 which is visible from the lock.

Next time I drive the road from Trowbridge to Devizes I must remember to look out for the aqueduct and the lock.

At the lock there is an attractive lock cottage

Just below the next lock - Buckley's lock, is the bricked up Wilts and Berks canal, now a hot topic for restoration into Melksham.

A wide link will cost in the region of £18.5 million, linking the K & A to the River Avon. The brilliant award winning K & A Trust's magazine "The Butty" has an article in the latest edition.

This house stands alongside the canal line and does B & B. Maybe it will be a popular spot in years to come.

The canal is very shallow on the towpath side and we tried to moor at Semmington - no go! We continued trying at Hilperton Marsh, Hilperton Road bridge, Balls bridge, still no go! With the meal on the hob we were finally successful, albeit with use of the steel gang plank and fighting the vegitation.

So we are moored amongst the "crusties" which line the canal here. However it is a very quiet mooring with only the faint sound of the trains in the distance.

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