Sunday, September 16, 2007

Moored at Sells Green

Sunday - A really lazy day. Here we are, moored at Sells Green.

However my fingers have not been lazy - I have been at the keyboard sorting out my videos! If you would like to follow our journey down the Devizes locks and Caen Hill I will upload it when I have a decent speed on the web.

The weather has finally changed and although yesterday was hot and sunny, today has been cooler, windy and now cloudy. rain tonight or tomorrow? I suppose it might be good if it does as Epiphany is extremely dusty. The towpath here is gravel and dust! As the cyclists go by they leave a cloud of dust in their wake, and it settles on the narrowboats.

We had a wander in Sells Green on Saturday - it is just a small village alongside a main road. We finished up in the Three Magpies again for a drink!
It is covered in flowers.
The pub sign is beautiful.

Alvin Stardust was just audible as we went to bed but not loud enough to keep us awake.

Today is Monday and I caught the bus to work - the car was still in Devizes. We now have it here at Sells Green which meant we could do an elsan trip this evening! 2 cassettes to empty and the nearest elsan point is at Seend a couple of road miles away. It was getting dark by the time we had finished "our business"!

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