Friday, January 04, 2008

Countdown to Epiphany

Our should this post be entitled "count-up to Epiphany"?

Two more days until Epiphany. The festival on 6th January follows Twelfth Night on the 5th. Traditionally that is when we take down the Christmas decorations.

Cue the song too - "On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me........".

I never really thought about it before but even this seemingly fatuous song could have a deeper meaning! According to some it has a religious meaning. This is also an interesting source of information about the song and its associated tradition.

If you want to be truly erudite you may want to re-read this book. I say re-read, as many of you may have been forced to read it at school, when you either liked it or loathed it! Re-reading it as an adult brings a whole new meaning to our most famous playwright.

So why am I burbling on about Twelfth Night? Well this is "proof of the pudding" showing our logic in naming our narrowboat Epiphany. The festival of Epiphany follows Twelfth Night and so our new boat followed on from our previous boat, Twelfth Night!

I suppose too that I could also add a link between the song and canals. Well it does say "six geese" and "seven swans" and I suppose a "calling bird" could also be found on the cut! Now I have given you some clues see if you can do this!

So are you still following the star? - Very wise!


  1. "six geese" and "seven swans" your right, can we change the 5 gold rings to 5 mooring rings?! lol bythe way, thanks for having a list of closures link on your site. you can spend ages searching for the actual page that you need!. thanks again!. ooh and instead of the partrage in a pear tree, how about and my cat is stuck up the tree! have a great weekend. Lisa

  2. LOL too - Perhaps we should make it a boating song, anyone offering?
    We agree about the list of closures so did something about it!

  3. I will ask bailey Dodds to done for next year! Her songs are quite funny. (Shes on a boat too). She not put songson here but a few poems.

    With the closure list, even when you save it in your brouser, it expires andy ou have to search again, so well done you! lol


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