Wednesday, January 02, 2008


I suppose the season of Epiphany could be called "our season". The (Chambers English) dictionary definition of Epiphany is threefold:-
1. "a church festival celebrated on 6 Jan., in commemoration of the manifestation of Christ to the wise men of the East."
2. "the manifestation of a god."
3. "sudden revelation or insight into the nature, essence or meaning of something."
From the Greek epiphanea, appearance - epi, to, phainein, to show

To those who have found us accidentally by searching for information about the season of Epiphany we say "welcome". Sorry we cannot help with service ideas, food or other ideas to celebrate the festival. Please come back and follow our travels and experiences.

Those of our readers who have followed out blog or who have come from our website may know which definition applies to our Epiphany.

We certainly "celebrate" Narrowboat Epiphany's existence, definitely do not worship her as a god, but do believe that she is a gift allowing us to have an insight into the nature, essence and meaning of a new way of life.

There is a star on our bows so one could say that like the wise men we follow the star (sorry, corny!).
There is a star over the "i" at the stern - have you spotted that? Inside we have a star motif on our built in magazine rack and finally, the marble in the galley is called Galaxy - a happy spot by Jon Langley from Bath Narrowboats who fitted her out to our specification.

So although we do not have three wise men on board (and in any case, as the Archbishop of Canterbury pointed out, we don't know how may Magi there were) we do have one happy, relaxed man and one happy, relaxed (most of the time!) woman who will celebrate Epiphany on Epiphany.

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