Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Stoppages And Floods

Due to lock repairs on the Caen Hill Flight, Devizes locks are closed from the 7th Jan - 7 March 2008.

For our Sunday walk we took the car, parked and wandered down the flight. This notice greeted us at lock 42.

There were only a few walkers on the towpath as it was a very grey, cold day so we had the flight almost to ourselves. The cafe at the top lock was open - hoping for some trade but I think they had very few customers that day.

We could see the main works in the distance at lock 36 from lock 39 where the notice warning of the narrow entrance next lock down is clearly displayed.

In the past we have seen a few problems as a result of this narrow entrance. I will leave it to your imagination!

Unfortunately below the lock there is some bank slippage.

It was very interesting to see what they are doing at lock 36 and the work associated with it.

This photo of lock 35 shows how important it is to be aware of cills in locks, particularly going down.

Perhaps hire companies should show photos like this to hirers to illustrate the hazards.

There are more detailed photos of all the work on the flight here. We shall go to see the gates put in place on 2nd or 3rd of February.

Subject of the moment is the weather! We had torrential rain during the night and this morning. There were warnings of floods and pictures of the new flood defences at Upavon on the River Severn which was badly flooded in August. As was Tewkesbury further down the river. Fortunately we hear this evening that the defences controlled the floods.

Many drains cannot take the volume of run off and rain and the roads around here are flooded in places. I came through 4 floods on my way home from Marlborough via
View Larger Map They were not too deep but I am always nervous driving through them. As I was following another car I could gauge how deep they were, but one had a wave that came over the bonnet. I was travelling slowly but fast enough to push the water away a bit!

Some pictures of the flooding is on the BBC Wiltshire site

Another front full of rain has just gone through, but the forecast is for a better day tomorrow thank goodness.

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