Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Epiphany Expedition

On Epiphany Sunday we took a walk, by the Kennet and Avon Canal needless to say! It was rather overcast and grey but we needed some exercise!

Since we have been on the K & A we have puzzled about one particular bridge - a swing bridge, namely Bishops Cannings swing bridge, number 133. Here it is (in the distance) on a busy August day.

There is a caravan site there, and some sort of access road, but where did this road come out? Looking at the map it looked like somewhere in the village of Bishops Cannings.

So on Sunday we set off in the car to find the exact location and see how easy it was to get to the canal bridge from the village. John "followed his nose" - he is very good at it! He had an idea that it was a farm that owned the caravan site as it was only a very small site.

We found it!

Unfortunately there is no public access by car, unless you are staying in a caravan, booked through the farm. However there was pedestrian access. So we parked and set off, arriving at the swing bridge in about 5 minutes. Sorted! Now the mystery is solved.

So crossing the bridge we wandered along the towpath for a while. Passing a few moored boats we walked about half a mile before turning back. Only two boats were on the move, both "local" boats, Dragonwyck and Valley Forge.

Trevor and Dale, who own Dragonwyck (above), were on their way to Devizes Wharf, to be based there whilst Dale did her stint in the chandlery here at Devizes Marina. We did our good deed for the day and opened the swing bridge for Valley Forge who was single handing. I see he is also now moored at Devizes Wharf.

Back to the present. Like a number of other bloggers on boats we had a wild night last night! Weather wise I mean. We had very high winds which even in the comparative shelter of the marina really rocked the boat. We also had a severe hail storm - the hail was coming down the chimney despite our "chinese hat". It was so noisy that I had to turn the volume up extremely high on the TV. We lost the satellite briefly but not enough to make me lose track of the plot of Taggart.

This evening is also rather windy, but we like to feel the movement of the boat so are not bothered and everything on the roof is safe, either tied down or too heavy to be blown off. However if it is windy here it will be even more so on the cut - luverly!

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