Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pewsey And Photos

At last - a fully functioning laptop thanks to my on-board computer consultant! As you can see we are still at Pewsey! However a 4 hour cruise tomorrow will see us back in Devizes Marina for a bit.

Oh dear, spoke too soon - the "L" key on my keyboard has just come off - so I must try to avoid words with that member of the A - Z in it. That is hard, so if this sounds a bit strange, I offer my excuses. It might be fun to try to guess what words I am having to get around and not use in this post.

As I write I can hear big guns on the army practice range near here - you know the one near Stonehenge and the A303. Can't name it it - has 2 of that member of the A - Z in it! Get the map out! The wind must be in the right direction, I hope it is not a night exercise as one shook the boat just now.

Anyway I am going to put up the missing photos from our trip here Saturday just gone!

Our Friday evening mooring at Bridge 127 (Bridge name has 4 of broken key in it - so see previous post or find a famous guide to the K & A!)

John putting a bit of red oxide on the stern - the first of a few "patching ups" to do

Fishermen camping out - is this a 5 star fishing trip?

It is sad to be untying the ropes tomorrow but we can return here again soon.

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  1. Oh what a hoot! Reminds me of an old comedy sketch (from I know not where)
    "P. . There is no on thi typewriter"


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