Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cruising, All Cannings To pewsey

5.58 miles, 1hr 59 mins 59 secs, 0 locks, 2.79 lm/hr

What a sunny day! After waffles, fruit, bacon and maple syrup for breakfast we were ready for anything! As it was so sunny and we were against a reasonable mooring – wooden hard – John did some touching up on the stern. I did a couple of cleaning jobs inside and took some photos.
After an early lunch, (eaten in the cratch with the cover open, in January?) we set off and cruised towards Pewsey. Strangely there were no boats moving today, although many of the moored boats had occupants.

We disturbed lots of fishermen however. They were all good-natured and some were even “camping out”! Piglet and Pooh were on spike duty, although I think Pooh has lost his ears!

Honey Street had boats moored as usual, amongst them this fat "fat" boat. We were glad we didn’t meet them on the go, as they would take up the entire width of the canal in some places. Who says that wide beam boats shouldn’t be charged more for their licence? It was made by Bluewater Boats – a builder we investigated with a view to buying a shell a number of years ago.

As we travelled John was updating Water Explorer as we reached bridges, wharfs etc. At the moment we cannot do it on our mobile phones but hope to do so eventually – something to do with the phone we think, not Orange. You can see the result on the right – “where is Epiphany”. The journey took us 1 second less than 2 hours!

At Pewsey Wharf we emptied the cassette and then moved further along to moor – a little out from the bank so had to use our “plank”. The sides of the canal on the towpath side are eroding and could be dangerous if you rely on stepping on the edge. Epiphany will only moor about a 2 feet out, even with a 2-foot draft.

So we will be in the Waterfront pub tonight (and tonight) – we are becoming “regulars”! This was yesterdays post but I am having problems with my laptop connecting to the web so I have to book John's! I will put up the photos when he has sorted out my web connection!

Moored just above Pewsey Wharf.

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