Friday, January 25, 2008

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4.04 Miles, 0 locks, 2 swing bridges, 2.21 lm/hr.

This morning the sun shone briefly. We pottered on the boat, cleaning the bow cockpit before stacking the new logs and bags of coal (Stovesse) under the table and gunnels. I did a quick sweep through inside. The advantage of having Amtico flooring is there is no vacuuming, just a dustpan and brush, and then if necessary a mop through with a damp mop.

An early lunch and we loosed the ropes and escaped the marina! It was breezy but there were still some sunny periods. The sensor from John's weather station read 10 degrees and 86% humidity. The humidity is a little high as there is a bit of condensation in it!

We passed 4 boats on the move. Many more moored, of course: some still in the same place as last time we were out! As we passed the disused swing bridge - Horton Fields Swing Bridge we wondered if these flags were left by the aliens who create the crop circles in the summer!

We cruised for about 2 hours and moored near two of the Bath Narrowboats guys. It is a bit windy now and the satellite dish has moved, so out into the dark goes John to realign it! Not that there is much on TV this evening.

Talking TV, I hope lots of people watched “A Boy Called Alex” on Thursday evening. What a wonderful lad! He has Cystic Fibrosis, attends Eton and is wonderfully gifted musically. What an inspiration he is. We were very emotional watching it, as we know what a battle CF can be, as Fiona has the same genetic disease. She has been very fortunate, despite a prognosis that she would not live beyond her teens. Thanks to dedicated parents, wonderful doctors and a lot of prayer, you readers will know that she is very much alive and kicking!

Alex has a hard decision to make – he will need a lung transplant soon. Again we know the situation. Fiona was fortunate to have a lung transplant nearly 12 years ago. What an amazing system organ donation is. Everyone should be aware of what a difference it makes – the Gift of Life when nearly all hope is gone. It is a very difficult decision for relatives to make when someone has died, so it is important that they know about organ donation and join the organ donation register. Go on - do it today, if you are not on it already.

Carry the card and let your relatives know

We are eternally grateful as a family that somewhere in the UK another family felt it an important gift and donated their son’s lungs to enable Fiona to watch our son grow up and become independent. Now we can cruise the waterways: our ambition for many years.

Moored at All Cannings Bridge 127.

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