Saturday, January 22, 2011

Decisions, decisions

We'll make them one day! We want to move north, but stoppages, visitors and hospital visits preclude it for a couple more days. We have promised ourselves that we will not make Plans this year - i.e. no research by John on how long it will take to get to "x" at 2 hours cruising/day!

Maybe we will go on the Ashby Canal
With a purple gold licence (the right colour for the year - BW must have the right colour now) we will eventually get onto the Thames. But that involves a decision - we can either get onto it from the South Oxford Canal or go down the Grand Union, via Braunston. Whatever we do it will be at a lovely slow pace, no hurry, no schedules, no "we must".

What a lovely dream ..... unfortunately, life has a way of making us make plans, as things like appointments, visits, unexpected events keep on happening!

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