Thursday, January 20, 2011

O Moon, so bright

Alert, Alert! The call came through
Have you seen the moon tonight?
We rose and looked, and yes, indeed,
The moon, it was a wondrous sight.

At first it sat upon the hedge
while stars above looked calmly down;
The brambles and the grasses seemed
to hold it like a jewelled crown.

But zooming in upon the globe
It was as if earth's land and sea
Looked back and smiled at us, and I
had captured it for us, and thee.

The ball rose higher in the sky
While down below another light
Reflected in a watery glass
Drew stars in wonder at the night.

O majesty! O glorious view!
O joy, delight, sense-stretching gown
Throw thyself back o'er me again
To prove that light will never drown.

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