Friday, January 28, 2011

The Longest Journey

Phew! Sun, wind, cold, even ice on a long cruise today. It was wonderful to be really cruising again on a lovely canal.

In our first lock we both thought that we were back on another favourite canal – can you guess which, from this photo?

We encountered a bit of ice as we climbed up the locks – the temperature was not much above freezing and the cold wind made it feel even lower.

icicles on lock gate

Now, this photo below may make you blink, and have another look!

Yes! It is Fi working a lock (an increase in steroid meds can be a wonderful thing?). Smile with tongue out Allen’s Lock has the easiest paddle gear we have ever encountered, though.

Her rabbit hat was very necessary today, but at least she is laughing, not gasping.

She actually worked two locks today – but chickened out of Somerton Deep Lock! Somerton came and went – afterwards BW thought we needed reminding that were were on the Oxford Canal, not the Staffs and Worcs as at Northbrook Lock (the answer to the puzzle at our first lock)!

These wood sculptures after Somerton Bridge must have some purpose, but we have no idea what. Still they make a pretty picture.

This canal vista shows the straight cut with a bend at Meadlands Bridge and Somerton Lock – the wind blew, but the sun shone.

So Somerton Deep Lock was our last lock – it was throttle down to keep on track for the entrance – to counter the combined effect of the wind and bywash. As luck would have it a brisk gust of wind blew against Epiphany just as she entered under the bridge – oops, but no real damage done.

We moored just beyond the lift bridge – fields either side and lovely views.

Kirtlington to Chisnell lift bridge
4 hours 37 minutes, 8.12 miles, 5 locks

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