Friday, January 28, 2011

Explorations in another world

It was not quite Jurassic Park, but fossils of dinosaurs have been found here.

I cant quite imagine this plant-eating Cetiosaurus living here when Kirtlington was a coastal environment but bones from a 15 metre one were found at Kirtlington Quarry. Fossils of other marine animals of the same period have also been found.
Find out more about the fossils here – clickety click. Below is a pan of the quarry.

I was tempted to follow the snail-like maze made out of stones, but wanted to find my way down to the wharf.

These steps looked familiar – from another angle as we passed on the canal below.

The wharf once had cement works buildings  - the quarry is still owned by Blue Circle Industries and managed by Cherwell DC. It was worked from 1907 and closed in 1928. Visitor info and location map – clickety click

The woodland path alongside the canal leads back to Mill Lane near the farm. This is popular with dog walkers and has wooden features like bridges over streams and “caverns”.

This was our mooring – lovely, but today’s is even better. Find out about our marathon cruise later!

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