Tuesday, January 18, 2011

So what's new?

You may know that we have side doors (aka swan doors) on both sides of narrowboat Epiphany in the saloon. We love them in the summer and when there is lots of sunshine, even on a mild day in the winter. Up until now they have looked like this from the inside.
Side doors closed and covered
The voile acts as a "privacy" curtain and a fly screen and can be used with or with out the perspex insert. The insert allows light and a view without a draught when the external doors are open.

Side doors with perspex from inside
Today we had some internal doors fitted. We could not afford them at our build time but had planned to have them at a later date. Retro fitting is not always satisfactory, however we are very pleased with our latest additions! At last they are "finished" and not just "make do".

New internal side doors

Ahh - a lovely open view this morning, and no draughts!

The carpenter is one that does work for Tooley's Boatyard and we arranged it all through them. Thanks Matt, once again!

Now we look forward to the summer when we can clip the new doors back too and enjoy views across new landscapes.

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