Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome to our temporary home on blogger

It is time to catch up and let you know what has been happening since our website went "down". Hopefully you addicts - oops, I mean readers - will be happy to have something to read in the mornings, at work or at leisure in the evenings! Enjoy ......

Dusty alongside Epiphany amongst the broken ice
When we left you we were still stuck, in the ice and ice floes, despite Dusty the coal and fuel boat breaking through to bring all the Thrupp narrowboats diesel and coal.

We enjoyed our enforced stay outside the Jolly Boatman pub and our forays inside with boating friends and visitors! However it was wonderful to move on the 9th of January after 7 weeks to the day. Yippee, we all said! Narrowboats are for moving, not staying still.

Our vacant mooring!
It was a good day, sunny and still. There was a little ice on the cut still and as we watered up at Langford Lane, narrowboat Wrens Nest came through and went ahead, breaking what ice there was until we reached Roundham Lock. Here the ice was thicker and they pulled over to see what was what below. It was clear water so we broke ice into the lock and Jeremy and partner locked us through.

Looking back from Roundham Lock

Moored at Yarnton Bridge

We moored before Yarnton Bridge, as planned, only to get a phone call to tell us that Graham and Jane from narrowboat Alnwick had arrived at the JB to see Bones, Maffi and us! Graham did his taxi bit and came down for us. We had a great time in the JB, a second lunch and a good catch up!

Graham, Jane and Fi at the JB
It seemed so strange not to have Epiphany moored outside!
More of our cruise to Oxford tomorrow - I can't let you have too much excitement in one day!


  1. Glad to see you are up and running again.. what happened?

    You need to change the links to our blog, they too seem a tad outdated..

  2. Phew glad you are back up and running, very disconcerting when your blog went off air.



  3. @Sue. Our website was hacked and John has to rebuild it. It will take a while so back on blogspot for a while. Haven't had a chance to check all the old blog and am aware that it needs some updates!

    @Simon. Keep reading - glad you are happy now!!


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